Social Media Marketing

What We Are

Bonfbiz is a leading provider of digital Marketing services such as social media management Social media marketing,Search engine marketing, Youtube Marketing services and consulting

 Our service supports       Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin,  Tiktoks, Snapchat and Youtube. backed by years of experience, quality work and world class support.


Many clients from all around the world are happy on the way we manage their business social accounts, social media is the medium to interact or communicate with clients. 

Our services are backed by years of experience, quality work and world class support.  

We have a talented team, with world class talents and efficiency to groom us with more creativity and outstanding quality. Our clients associate with us to define their business strategies and to extract innovative ideas to build their online businesses.  

Our other services include:  social Design, social management, email marketing, search engine marketing, Video marketing, Website Development, Advert Designs, Banner Designs, Flyers Designs  among other services.   Request Quote for Our Services here..

Our expertise includes

-Creating social media posts and copy that encourages ENGAGEMENT and attracts a                   longterm audience

-Social media marketing and support across major   outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tiktok and Snapchat

-Social media account management and daily check-ins

-Social media advertising strategy, implementation & monitoring
-Influencer marketing campaign strategy and implementation
-Content calendar & content marketing strategy
-Daily posts
-Content marketing strategy
-Organic lead generation
-Monthly content & campaign strategy analysis & reports; subsequent adjustments
-Monthly meetings on progress and direction
$150 per month
  • 1 social profile
  • 1 Post per day
  • SocialAd/ Evaluation
$250 per month
  • 2  Social Profile 
  • 2 Post per day
  • Social Ad/Evaluation
$350 per month
  • 3  Social Profile
  • 2 Post per day
  • Social Ad/SEO/Evaluation
$500 per month
  • 5 Social Profile
  • 2 Post per day
  • Social Ad/SEO/Evaluation

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